East Texas

Once you head east out of Dallas, you encounter the Piney Woods, a temperate forest region that dominates the East Texas landscape. East Texas is vast and diverse, almost a state unto itself in size, culture, and population. Throughout the region of rolling hills, pristine lakes, and tall trees are many towns and cities boasting healthy populations and imminently desirable real estate properties.

Tyler, Texas, a city in Smith County with a population just over 100,000, serves as the true capital of East Texas. The city itself features respected public schools and nationally acclaimed private and charter schools, beautiful wooded regions, a historic downtown, and everything you could expect from a bustling, ever-growing modern community. Surrounding Tyler are numerous small towns like Whitehouse, Bullard, Lindale, Chandler, Flint, Chapel Hill, and more – each with their own unique history and contributions to the story of East Texas.

Whether you want a home on the water or nestled deeply in isolated woods, East Texas has a wide range of locations to offer homebuyers of any age, means, or specific needs. If you have questions about the cities, suburbs, and neighborhoods of East Texas and how Prestige Realty can find the ideal property for you and your family, contact us today!

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Arp, Texas

Bullard, Texas

Chandler, Texas

Chapell Hill, Texas

Flint, Texas

Lindale, Texas

Troup, Texas

Tyler, Texas

Whitehouse, Texas